Multihull Market 2010

Despite the world wide recession, the recent market study published by the Bonnier Corporation (Sailing World) showed that - amazingly, Multihulls held their course in ‘09 with comparable imports to 2008 levels and even more astonishingly - Multihulls accounted for nearly half of all cruiser imports to the US shores. Good News: Importers see brighter skies next year, driven by unsold inventory back home, new models and partnerships; The recession kept cruiser length imports off-shore in 2009 and generally sales were down -33% across the board. 2009 was all about “holding and waiting” for the credit markets to open up, and the North American economy to start turning. Bright skies ahead. An optimistic view that we’ve seen the bottom and are ready to rise up to the surface. Punch through the other side of the storm as we say...

Race 2 - The Sequel

Buckle your seatbelts. Bruno Peyron has officially announced that he has decided to relaunch The Race. He is the three times holder of the infamous Jules Verne Trophy (see below blog entry) and creator of The Race - a grueling non-stop crewed race around the world without outside assistance and without limits.
After several months of studies and consulting with the main potential competitors, a second edition of the race around the world for the giant G-class multihulls is planned for 2013-2014, starting from a port in Southern Europe.

Race II: watch the promotional video

48 Days !

Jules Vernes would have been proud. It took only 48 days and 7 hrs for Frank Cammas and crew to sail Groupama 3 around the world ! It marks a break with the design philosophy of Orange and the G-Class multihulls of the last decade, as designers VPLP said today: "Can we hope to break the record by reducing the size of the boat rather then creating something always bigger and more powerful? That was the challenge that Franck Cammas and Team Groupama asked us to overcome together. We concentrated on maximising versatility and responsiveness, rather then on maximising power, in order to pass through the transition zones faster whilst trying to avoid conditions that were too violent. Groupama 3 was designed to fulfil this particular race strategy and evidently Franck and his crew responded perfectly and adopted the ideal methodology. The result is that the record was attainable despite the fact that the weather conditions were not ideal."

Caribbean Fun

Discover wonderful islands, make new friends and test your regatta skills. Imagine sailing on a Fountaine Pajot cruising cat in paradise - surrounded by not only turquoise waters and sandy beaches, but like minded sailors on other FP cats. Welcome to the 2010 Fountaine Pajot Owner's annual rendezvous in the BVI's held April 28 - May 1st 2010.
Even if you do not have a catamaran, Aeroyacht will coordinate and provide you with bareboat charter contacts. Over 25 catamarans have already signed up.
Download the full agenda here.

Monument to Xynthia

No, this is not a contemporary art installation but a sad reminder of what happened last week. We were test sailing not even 36 hours before on a Salina 48 catamaran in the notorious Bay of Biscayne, France when a violent depression battered the region of Charente Maritimes. Thousands of boats sustained damage and tragically 52 people got killed as miles of old seawalls collapsed in tidal surges. Fountaine Pajot's La Rochelle plant was temporarily flooded but could resume operation today. This event was overshadowed by the Chilean earthquake, the resulting Tsunami and massive snowfalls over the North Eastern US. Folks, it is time to realize that Mother Earth threw a series of tantrums - possibly in reaction to Global Warming.


We did it !! The American team, founded ten years ago by software mogul Larry Ellison, achieved its ultimate goal when they powered across the finish line of today's Race 2 with a margin of 5 minutes and 26 seconds to defeat the Swiss Defender’s Alinghi 2-0. This has been an unprecedented event poising 2 giant multihulls against each other. Bravo to our boys, the wing mast and to multiulls!

for more America's Cup coverage -
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Horizon Job !

Just hours ago BMWOracle did a serious horizon job on the defender. Bravo ! If any of you have witnessed today's America's Cup battle between the US- BMWOracle tri and the Swiss defender Alinghi - you have been part of history. In an unprecedented match between the 2 giant multihulls the wing was the king. A real show stopper, the US tri's solid wing sail clearly produced more power on both the upwind and down-wind legs hurtling the boat at over 25 knots in only 7knots of breeze. This is ice boat territory! In short - we smoked 'em. Lets hope nothing breaks on Sunday and we are one step closer to bringing the 'auld mug' back home.

America's Cup chooses Fountaine Pajot

T+2 days: The America's cup committee again choose the Fountaine Pajot Cumberland 46 power catamaran. At this year's controversial event held in Valencia Spain, several Fountaine Pajot power catamarans, are sailing between the two most exceptional multihulls of the world: The US challenger, the 90' BMW ORACLE trimaran and the Swiss defender, the 90' ALINGHI catamaran. These 2 yachts are extensions of egos for 2 billionaires. On one hand we say "Bravo"- for putting their money into creating the most awesome sailing machines - yet "Shame on them" - for dragging this once illustrious event through courtrooms and embarrassing the sailing community and millions of fans.

learn more about the Cumberland 46
Live action: follow the America's Cup Race at BMW Oracle or the America's Cup site.

Go Race !

As we - sailing fans, are approaching the ultimate battle of multihull giants (in court), the NY Supreme court ruled today "..stop bickering - and go race" ! This means, the first of the best of 3 race series will start February 8 th- that's in 8 days gents.
This final ruling allows BMW/Oracle, a 90' trimaran to challenge Cup defender Alinghi's 90' catamaran in the first-ever America's Cup match race between two multihull racing yachts.
Get in one last vote. Our reader poll shows 55% in favor of the tri - we not only keep our fingers crossed, but wholeheartedly agree - Go Challenger !

Outremer 49 - winner Boat of the Year 2010 !

Hot off the press. During the Duesseldorf Boat Show the winner of the 2010 Boat of the Year contest was announced: it is our Outremer 49 catamaran ! Finalists were the Catana 41, Dragonfly 27 tri, Lagoon 400, Lipari 41 and the Outremer 49. Congratulations to our friends and craftsmen at Outremer Yachting who are already preparing to launch hull Nr. 3. Hats off also to the talented interior designer Frank Darnet - who has transformed the Outremer 49 into a truly comfortable boat and the boat's naval architect Christophe Barreau. Bravo to the entire team!
contact Aeroyacht to reserve your Outremer 49

AERO - for sale

AERO -is for sale. She is a custom built 31' Farrier center cockpit F9XR and has been Gregor Tarjan's personal boat. She boasts an extra wide interior, longer bowsprit, a suite of North 3DL sails and unique features such as a bespoke aircraft style canopy over the hatch, a carbon boom and single handed sail controls that make solo sailing easy. AERO comes with a brand new trailer, has never been raced and probably represents the perfect shorthanded cruising machine. She was maintained by the Corsair specialists at the Multihull Source, is simple to maintain and certainly is one of the most beautiful trimarans on the Eastern seaboard. Wether you want to sail across the lake, an ocean or the world, fast - AERO is it.

Check here for more details on AERO

Lipari 41 - nominated by Cruisng World

The world is taking notice of Fountaine Pajot's newest catamaran. The Lipari 41 has been nominated by Cruising World Magazine at last years Annapolis Boat Show as one of the best cruisers in its class. An independent panel of experts who inspected and tested more than 2 dozen yachts finally narrowed down their findings. Decisions were based on extensive dockside inspections and sea trials of the boats. All of the nominees will be reviewed in detail by the magazine's editors and are featured in the January issue of Cruising World.
Aeroyacht will have a client's demo Lipari 41 at their NY office in Spring. She will be available for client test sails. Contact us to sign up.

New e-mail

Remember the goofy car mounted cel-phone antennas of the 80's and the cool music that U2 gave us in the 90's? Every decade has its fads and fashions. So what evil (other than baggy jogging suits) will we all remember of the last 10years? exactly; Junk Mail.

This is the reason we are changing Aeroyacht's main contact email address to

The old attracted spammers like bees to honey. For the last 10 years it was our general contact address and will be dropped at the end of the month. Please make a note of our new address:

World's Fastest Sailboat

To start off the New Year we have some racy news of the amazing foiler trimaran "Hydroptere". Recently, Hydroptere became the fastest sail boat on the planet. She was able to reach 51.36 knots over 500 meters and 48.72 knots over one nautical mile. This is faster than it took for the first aircraft to cross the English Channel ! The secret: The boat's foils lift the trimaran clear out of the water, reducing resistance by 90%. An amazing feat that will lead to further developments and will surely trickle down to the growing fleet of ultra fast multihull racers in the near future.

check the cool video

Wally & Aeroyacht Join

Following significant interest in the recently launched design of the luxury performance catamaran released by Aeroyacht, worldwide sales agent YCO of Monaco is pleased to announce that the famous Wally superyacht builder has been signed on as the official Aeroyacht shipyard.
Luca Bassani, founder of Wally said: "In the past, Wally has been approached by several multihull companies but has never found a project which would reflect the Wally concept of combining performance, style and comfort. With the Aeroyacht 110 catamaran however, the technical characteristics and aesthetics match those of our own yachts and I was immediately convinced that we would finally be able to apply our philosophies to Gregor Tarjan's beautiful catamaran"

Gregor Tarjan, the founder and designer of the Aeroyacht range of catamarans said:" Wally is renowned for their groundbreaking avant-garde designs, which constantly reinvent and reinterpret the traditional approach. Wally yachts stand alone in style and performance. Given what I set out to achieve with my Aeroyacht 110 catamaran, I do not think there is a yard which would be better matched to us"

Largest Ever Wing

Ok, the cat (actual -tri) is out of the bag! Team Oracle BMW have just revealed an enormous wing sail which they will be putting on their giant America's Cup trimaran. The wing is of unprecedented dimensions and actually 80% larger than the one of a Boeing 747. Go boys - Hike Hard! Anyone want to take a guess of who will win the Cup ? Take a second and vote in the poll on the top right of this page.

World's First Multi Show

Mark your busy calendar: We are pleased to announce the first edition of the "Multihull Boat Show" which will be held in Lorient, France - April 15-18 2010. As if we did not have enough boat shows - this one will be different. More than just an exhibition, it will be a dynamic and animated event, which will liven up the seafront and unite thousands of industry proffessionals, sailors and visitors. Over four days guests will be able to take part in demo sails and sea trials aboard the world's most prominent cats and tris. You will also have the opportunity to admire former racing multihulls and the ominous German submarine bunkers from the second World War.

Superyacht Elite

Gregor Tarjan, president of Aeroyacht was honored to be invited as one of the few delegates attending this weeks Superyacht Design Symposium in New York. About 150 Superyacht owners and elite industry leaders exchanged their concerns and views. One of the main topics centered around what type of new yacht an owner would buy. Not surprisingly all indicators pointed to multihulls. Marc Van Petteghem introduced his new schooner rigged catamaran while a representative of Abeking and Rasmussen promoted a twin hulled SWATH yacht. The symposium proved it first hand- Gregor Tarjan's Aeroyacht 110 catamaran seems to be answering all the needs of superyacht owners: More "green", more space, more speed while providing the need for less crew and less expenses.
At the symposium we also learned that Aeroyacht has been accepted as a nominee for the Best Newcomer of the World Superyacht Award 2010 in addition to the best sailing yacht award.

Swiss power cat - we love it!

You thought Wally Power yachts were cool? Check this out: Formula 1 performance meets solar power in the new CODE-X hybrid sports boat. Based in Meggen on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland, CODE-X AG was founded with the goal of developing products with maximum exclusivity that use renewable energy sources to serve a common good. The craft features a flexible solar hybrid propulsion system enabling both quiet, environmentally friendly cruising in ports and coastal areas as well as high speed racing on open waters courtesy of a pair of Ilmor Marine 710 horsepower V10 Formula 1 engines that can do 90 knots. What a stunning design - we love it !
more photos of Code-X

New Mecca of Multis ?

With next America's Cup being held in the city of Ras al Khaima (UAE) and the recently launched Oman Arabian 100 tri - the Middle East is quickly becoming the center of large multis. Open minded, devoid of conservative pre-conceptions and abundant new marina space make UAE and Oman sailors the future players in the world of large luxury catamarans.
After four months of assembly in Oman's southern most port of Salalah, skipper Paul Standbridge has been stretching the legs of Oman Sail's new Arabian 100 (A100) trimaran during sea-trials off the Omani coast. Now named Majan, after the ancient name for Oman, Oman Sail's new flagship is now operational and is heading into the Gulf and a tour of neighbouring countries.The launch of Majan is an ambitious addition to the project's mission to inspire a new generation of young Omanis.
watch the I-Shares Cup video

Fountaine Pajot Owner's Meeting

Imagine sailing on a Fountaine Pajot cruising cat in paradise - surrounded by not only turquoise waters and sandy beaches, but like minded sailors on other FP cats. Welcome to the 2010 Fountaine Pajot Owner's annual rendezvous in the BVI's held in the last week of April 2010. Discover wonderful islands, make new friends and test your regatta skills.
Even if you do not have a catamaran, Aeroyacht will coordinate and provide you with bareboat charter contacts. We will be sending you a full agenda in the coming months - or simply contact us.

Wally WHY - Outside the Box

Again legendary Wally Yachts have impressed with a leading edge design by launching the "WHY" project. "WHY" is (it) not a catamaran ? - rather it stands for the partnership between Herm├Ęs Yachts and Wally. This new joint venture has conceptualized a motor yacht that redefines the art of living on the sea in green style. In an attempt to move beyond the horizon of current trend, WHY has shaped up a boat that is contained in a triangular hull measuring 170' x 118'.
They get our vote ! - just wished it was a cat.

Annapolis Boat Show

Its the time of year where one boat show follows the other, giving us no reprieve and eager buyers the coolest new cats to choose from... The Aeroyacht and Fountaine Pajot Teams are eagerly preparing for next week's Annapolis Boat Show (Oct 8-12) where the Mahe 36, the long anticipated Lipari 41, Orana 44 and Salina 48 catamarans will be shown. Its the largest gathering of multihulls anywhere in the world - don't miss it.
We are looking forward to your visit.

Neel Tri - Just Makes Sense

"Just Makes Sense" are the red banner words painted on the main hull of the innovative new trimaran which was introduced at last week's La Rochelle Boat Show. At 50' overall length she reminds us of the clever fusion of a roomy Fountaine Pajot cat and a high performance racing trimaran. Eric Bruneel, founder of Neel Trimarans presents us with a new concept of fast cruising with a twist. On-board piano and eco head are interesting options.

For more information please contact Aeroyacht

Queen of the Newport Show

Thank You for visiting us at the Newport Boat Show aboard our Eleuthera 60 catamaran. Our boat was aptly named "Princess Chloe" and was unanimously voted as "Queen of the Show". She attracted more than a 1000 visitors!
To learn more about
Aeroyacht's range of performance cats - please click on the link and you will discover exciting photos, sail-test reports and specifications about these exceptional vessels.In case you consider purchasing a catamaran in the near future please contact Gregor Tarjan at or call 800-446-0010
Again, Thank You for your visit !

Ryan,Flo & Gregor Tarjan

YCO-Aeroyacht Int. partnership

Hot off the press: Aeroyacht International partners with YCO Monaco who are now the exclusive agents for worldwide sales and marketing of the Aeroyacht range of supercats (85',110', 125'). The world premier and introduction of the Aeroyacht 110 will be at the upcoming Monaco Boat Show (23-26 Sept) where YCO Monaco will be displaying a 1 meter model of the stunning Aeroyacht 110 catamaran. Dynamic and innovative - as the Aeroyacht 110 supercat - YCO are a well known, boutique style company and are internationally recognized market leaders in the sale, purchase, management of luxury yachts.

Outremer 49 Launched

The long awaited moment arrived last week where we had the privilege to test the hot-new Outremer 49 in the South of France. Months of hard work (and no vacation for the yard) paid off- when the radical Christoph Barreau design hit the water. Innovative features such as optional tiller steering, striking interior by Frank Darnet and a very competitive price tag (base 520K Euro) will make this boat a winner in the marketplace. 6 boats have been ordered to date and the waiting list is starting to grow. Bravo my friends at Outremer Yachting. Gerard Danson would have been proud.
read more about the Outremer 49

Catamaran Dream Book

Attention cat lovers. 30 day countdown to the release date of Gregor Tarjan's new reference book. "CATAMARANS, Tomorrow's Superyachts" is a dream-book combination of a technical manual, a buyer's guide and a coffee-table showpiece covering every aspect of luxury cruising multi-hull yachts. Gregor Tarjan reviews the basic concepts of multi-hull design, construction, performance and handling and discusses the latest developments and the future of superyacht catamarans. This top class reference work is a limited edition book and will surely become a future classic.
Pre-order your copy at Sheridan House Publishers or pick up an author-signed copy at the Multihulls Magazine Tent at the Newport or Annapolis Boat Shows.

Aeroyacht 110 - has become Accepted Nominee for World Superyacht Award

The press have called the Aeroyacht 110 the "Wally of Catamarans" and French Magazine Decor at Home has proclaimed our boat as famed designer Ora Ito's favorite yacht. The accolades and international attention to our project have been pouring in unlike we would have ever expected. Now the Aeroyacht 110 has become Accepted Nominee for World Superyacht Award - an annual gathering of the top players in the industry. The World Superyacht Award is the greatest recognition a designer and builder could wish for. We in turn are working hard to make our boat the fastest luxury sailing yacht in the world.
read all the praise the Aeroyacht 110 catamaran has received

Newport Boat Show

Don't miss the excitement of stepping aboard and sailing the newest boats at the upcoming Newport Boat Show, Sept. 17-20 in Newport RI. You will be able to inspect over 700 yachts that are displayed in the water and stroll through the second annual Multihull Lagoon. Aeroyacht will be showing the "queen of the show" - the magnificent 60' Eleuthera 60 catamaran by Fountaine Pajot.

Maxi Tri Shatters Atlantic Record

The world's biggest sailing trimaran has just covered 2 921 miles between New-York and Point-Lizard, UK in 3 days 15 hours 25 minutes and 48 seconds, at the average speed of 32,94 knots!! By improving the previous record of 12 hours 32 minutes and 6 seconds held by Franck Cammas in 2007, the twelve sailors of the maxi-trimaran commissioned by Banque Populaire hit their first record and reach the height of their expectancies. Bravo and hats off !
read the full story

Cat vs. Tri ? You vote.

As the US-America's Cup challengers are fine tuning their giant trimaran "Team Oracle-BMW", the Swiss defenders pulled out all the stops. They have just launched "Alinghi" a monster catamaran that will go head to head in what might be the most spectacular America's Cup race in history.
The big question is, who will win next year? You be the expert. Study both videos and tell us your opinion (feelings of patriotism aside). Cat or Tri? Vote on the right top menu bar.
Alinghi - giant catamaran sailing video
Oracle/BMW - monster trimaran sailing video

Superyacht Video

Ever wonder what life aboard a 100' super catamaran could be like? We just received this cool video link from RAFOLY's owner. The professional quality movie clip is about 5 minutes long and makes us dream of giant cats sailing in the most desirable cruising locations.
RAFOLY is a 92' Blubay and is offered through Aeroyacht Ltd.
check out RAFOLY's movie

SIMBA from Greece

Did you ever dream of sailing the Greek Islands ? SIMBA, our 2008 Mahe 36 catamaran is ready and standing-by in one of the world's most exotic cruising destinations. She has been single-handed by her adventurous skipper from La Rochelle, France to Greece, continuously upgraded and is waiting for new horizons. SIMBA was sold through our office and is now available for sale through Aeroyacht.

"Princess Chloe" - best E60 ever?

Some may think that only a brand new boat will be the best choice. Well here is something that might change your mind. "Princess Chloe" - a fully equipped, magnificent 2008 Eleuthera 60 catamaran is truly better than new. This full-time captain-maintained yacht is now for sale in NY far below replacement value. Her owner must make room - he is moving up to a Galathea 65 .